Top 10 Reasons for Being Denied Social Security Disability

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Applying for Social Security Disability in Arizona is a difficult process, in which two-thirds of all applicants are denied. Applicants can be denied for a wide variety of reasons, which we’ve outlined below. An Arizona SSD attorney can help you appeal your case and get you the benefits you need. Jackson White is accepting Arizona Social Security Disability cases.

Reasons for Social Security Disability Denial:

1.       Lack of medical evidence

The applicant need to provide medical evidence that proves he or she is unable to work because of their disability. If one doesn’t provide this kind of medical evidence, the claim will be denied.

2.       Earn too much income

This is the most common reason people are denied. The maximum income limit to qualify for SSD is $1,000 per month. If the applicant makes any more than that, they won’t qualify.

3.       Disability won’t last long enough

SSD covers long-term and permanent disabilities only. The disability must be expected to last at least 12 months. Short-term disabilities will always be denied.

4.       The disability is based on a drug or alcohol addiction

If alcohol or drugs is a contributing factor to why the applicant is disabled, the Social Security Administration will deny benefits.

5.       Applicant has been convicted of a crime

The applicant will get denied benefits if they were injured while committing a felony, injured while in prison, or if they are in prison after being convicted of a felony (unless you are expected to be released in a reasonable amount of time).

6.       Applicant commits fraud

If the applicant lies and is dishonest at any point during the SSD application process, they will lose benefits and be prosecuted for fraud.

7.       Failure to cooperate

If he or she refuses to release medical records or other important information, the SSA will deny them benefits. Also, if the SSA requires the applicant to see a doctor, they must cooperate or will be denied.

8.       Failure to follow treatment

If the applicant fails to follow their doctor’s treatment program, the SSA will deny benefits.

9.       Applicant has been denied before

It’s better to appeal the applicant’s claim if they’ve been denied than it is to start a new claim. If the Social Security Administration sees that they were denied before, they will most likely deny the application again.

10.   The SSA cannot find/get in contact with applicant

If the SSA cannot reach the applicant to schedule exams or communicate with them about other matters, their claim may be denied.

If any of your patients, friends, or loved ones are applying for SSD benefits, contact Social Security Disability attorney Jared Everton at (480) 648-8928.

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